Tips For Choosing Your Custom Signs

If you see that they have only images or stock photos of their work on their site or that they don’t really have any real images of custom signs then this is a sure “red flag” to stay away from them. While on the custom sign company website, take another look at the site itself. You should look for a contact email address, a phone number, and maybe even a physical mailing address or website.

Why would they need a real address and phone number? Unless the company is going to hire people to install their custom signage and they require regular or periodic contact information to reach them. Then this is a good thing. Look for a custom signage company that does not require you to provide any contact information until they actually send someone out to install the signage. This way you can be sure they will be there and able to install the signs correctly the first time.

A great thing about some of these sign companies is that they do not charge an arm and a leg for their vehicle wraps or other signage services. A lot of these companies offer many different types of discounts and incentives to their customers. Find out what types of savings you can get with signing up for a certain amount of time with the company. This could be in the form of a lower price for your purchase, coupon savings, or even better yet – cash back or a percentage off your order.

A real sign company will never try to charge you for an estimate without first having you make an initial order for custom signage. They should also offer you to send in your completed project photos to have them make a custom order for you. There are a lot of companies that will use the contact information you provide on their website to then contact you to discuss the specifics of your project. The quicker you let them know exactly what type of image you want on your door or window, the sooner they can complete it for you.

Some of the more common types of vehicle wraps that are custom signs are fire engine, police car, and hospital. Almost anything goes when it comes to vehicle wraps so don’t be limited by what you like. If you have an idea for a sign company that is not listed here, you can always search for a better one. Sign companies are usually very flexible so just give them what you like and they will help you find a sign company that will fit your needs.

A sign company will make sure you have great customer service and that they only employ professionals. You should always ask about the fabrication and installation before signing a contract with them. Most sign companies that are within a reasonable distance from where you live should be able to come to your location for the installation and fabrication of your new signs. Signage fabrication is usually done in-house but some will send someone out if you need it.